The robber barons of old, and new, need the working poor. The working poor do a good deal of the grunt work involved with the capitalists corporations. The working poor often have 2 or 3 jobs, and do the dirty jobs most of us don’t want.

Yet they are thrown under a bus every time there is an election. This is because they don’t usually vote – they are too busy working to keep up with political happenings. And they aren’t aware they are being used as pawns to win the election.

They are accused of being lazy sods who want everything handed to them for free. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most poor are hard-working people trying to achieve the American dream. They don’t realize they have been left out of the “dream”. The “American Dream” is a campaign slogan with the purpose of deceiving us into working hard so that someday we can live our dream of being middle class or maybe even wealthy. But most of us will end up in debt and broke as a result of the pursuit of our dreams.

America has lit freedom’s fire for people around the world. Turns out we are more alike than we ever knew: we all want to be happy and healthy, for our children to have education and a better life than we did, and we all want to be loved and needed and to feel that we matter.

Capitalists should understand that we are communicating and sharing our lives and interests with new friends around the world. The internet has connected humankind in magical ways. Our own government is trying to shackle the internet so that you and I cannot use it (think cable TV, which you and I do not have our own channel like we do on fb, although We the People own the airwaves!) – if the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) goes through our last bastion of freedom will be silenced.

When the poor and the middle class unite and stand up, it will be game over for the corporatist thugs, who mistakenly believe they own it all and they are “the smartest guys in the room”. That was Enron’s 2 top crooks slogan, and everyone working there knew it and went along with it. That is before the 2 crooks stole their retirement, fired them, and sank the company.

Many people are pawns in the sick game of greed, and they know it, but they hope they will be thrown a crumb now and again. But they will be tossed under the same bus the robber barons throw us all under, sometimes just for target practice, or simply for fun, usually for profit.

I cannot wait until the poor figure out how powerful they are, and that they, the masses, are what the “few” fear. The rich are keenly aware that 99 to 1 are no odds at all, and they will be squashed under foot if we the peeps ever unite. They spend a good deal of time and energy on getting us involved in the “them & us” game. It separates us, and then we fight amongst ourselves, which keeps us busy and out of their greed driven affairs.

Now, I am for the corporations and robber barons sharing some of our hard-earned profit, and not being squashed under the 99 percent’s angry feet. But they will need to act fast and share in a meaningful way, which doesn’t seem to be their plan thus far.

Some corporations do share with their employees, and they do act with integrity and honor, but they are few. There is no way to mandate honor or ethics, and if we even tried, the laws that would be needed would entrap us all, and in the end the slippery devils would exempt themselves as always.

The poor also share and give their time to neighbors and friends, knowing they have no help coming to save them, or bail them out, and they will have to band together. Many affluent barely know who their neighbors are, let alone help them out. I know many generous, kind people who have gobs of money, and spread it around, so clearly all wealthy are not included in the casino capitalism game.

I do not know how it will all play out: it could happen peacefully, or by fire and flame. But one thing is for sure . . . We the People have all the power – and that includes the wealthy that got rich honestly without buying politicians – it will be game over when we wake up and smell the stacks of our money that some how made it into the billionaires bank accounts instead of ours, the wealth will transfer back into the people pockets, and end the countless planned “wealth transfers” that have gone down in the 20th century alone.

I envision a world where all humans live free from tyranny and deceit. A world without war and its bedfellow the industrial war machine. Communities of passion and compassion, where we exchange ideas and dreams for a better world. And where we are all included and have a say in our own governance.

The Great Equalization is at hand . . . we are all involved, and we are all included, even those who have been trying to rob us, shackle us, and squash us flat. So be it!