Fear sells. Advertisers know this, and so do politicians. Social science has found our weakness’ and our strength’s, and although tax payers foot the bill for the sciences, they forgot to share the information with, We the People.

They did however, share the info with corporations and our government. We are tossed about by fear peddling peeps who have an agenda to sell us. When corporations or our government has something they want us to do, they simply go to work on our fears, and in no time, We the duped People fall in line.

Hysteria is a weakness, yet the American people act hysterically all too often. When the powers that govern us ratchet up their fear mongering, the People then demand that they shackle us with more laws that destroy our liberty and our freedom, or more wars that destroy other people’s and countries freedom and liberty. We are called “sheeple” by many in our world  for just this reason. Fear causes us to be easily herded into pens.

Sometimes they create the problem entirely – at other times they simply take advantage of a situation or event.

When will we follow the advice, President Roosevelt gave us . . . “you have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Fear is a black hole of despair, and still, we eat it up like it was candy. 

My motto is “have no fear.” No matter the circumstances, no matter the appearances. I refuse to entertain fear in my house: not in my body (illness), not in my mind. Fear is an option – a choice.

What would our world look like if we were ruled by love, and not by fear? Advertisers would be forced to give us factual information, instead of the doomsday nonsense explaining to us that we are not happy, not loved, not healthy, not normal, and when we buy their product or service we will magically become all that we believe we are not.

Normalcy sells us a great deal of our rubbish – we want to fit in, to be like the rest . . . to be accepted.

I now strive to be abnormal. I want to be unique. I want to be authentic, to be the best me that I can be. I sometimes get caught in the “fitting in” trap – I am a Libra after all. I want everyone to be happy.

When I figured out the corporate agenda of “create a problem and then solve the problem by selling us their product” I found the mute button on my TV, and tuned out the adverts.

This is not easy since advertisements are everywhere and so are people trying to “fix” you with their stuff.

In one way it makes sense that if you have something to sell, and you need to make your living selling it, that you might use these fear tactics. We all need to eat and pay for housing and bills.

The American dream is to make piles of money just because we can, and many do. Americans are generous people and we like to share our wealth. Earning a living is what we all must do.

But is there a way to earn our living and be up front about what we are selling? To point out the facts and skip the hype? To genuinely help others, but not strong-arm them?

I have found that when I am up front and state only the facts, that people are suspicious. Are they so used to being conned that they are confused by honesty? I watch as they fall for hard liners that refuse to take no for an answer, or that leave out the facts, or that play on their fears.

Terrorism is another excellent example of people exaggerating the truth, or making it up altogether for nefarious reasons. Terrorism is the ultimate fear-mongering, and profits for the favored multinational corporations are in the trillions.

Terrorism fighting agencies are prevalent everywhere on earth, yet they say that we are less safe than ever before. How is this possible? Will it ever be “safe” enough to put the industrial war machine to rest? War is far too profitable to end . . . if we allow our governments and the corporations to have their way, we will be in an endless planetary wide war – cha-ching$

Fear is their food, and it is their life’s blood. Without fear-mongering they wouldn’t have a dollar to stand on. If we refused to participate in their fear game, war would end in a flash.

Love is the only answer. Love heals. Love protects. Love shines a light on truth. Love is mercy and compassion. By loving one another – even our supposed “enemy” – we usher in protection never before experienced.

Nelson Mandela taught us this. He showed us this in tangible ways. He knew at his core that love was the only answer, the only option.

When will we stop protecting “our” elected official and toss the demo-repubs – party of ONE – out of our system of governing? Save a few independents like Bernie Saunders, Ron Paul, and Elizabeth Warren who were elected and paid for by the People.

In our world, we need to rethink our corporate structure and our political structure, and replace them with people who have a working soul. Corporations have no soul, and will never be able to act honorably or honestly, until profit is not their # 1 fiduciary responsibility.

We must begin with ourselves . . . what kind of energy are we putting out into our world? Honesty and integrity? Or fear mongering bent on profit at all costs, even if that cost is our own integrity and our own ethics.

We must be the change we want to see in our world. What we do affects our life, our community, and our world in ways that ripple out and touch everyone on earth.

Let your love be the ripple you send out. We’ve tried fear and violence, and they haven’t worked. You have nothing to lose but your fear. Give kindness and compassion a try, and you will be the biggest winner.