Slow food is the new way to eat. We have gone astray consuming fast food and fast living, and are now returning to nature made perfection.

We chop and slice and shake and bake our fresh whole foods in our kitchens with family and friends gathered around. This union of nutrition, love, and conversation feeds our bodies and our souls.

Slow food is prepared by you in your home, or by friends and family at their home, or in a restaurant where a chef creates meals from whole fresh foods. Most of us buy our produce from our neighborhood market or local farmers market, but more and more people are growing their own food on roof tops, in backyards, and on their patios in veggie planters and gardens.

Orchards of citrus and avocado trees, rows of carrots and greens, tomato and cucumber vines, all grown by regular Americans, and people around the world, are becoming popular.

Buying local, seasonal goods lowers our grocery bill. Less carbon is produced by eliminating or reducing shipping. Best of all, we support our local citizens – our neighbors and friends – by buying from the local small farmers and business’.

Fast food is fine once in a while, but slow food is the food that nourishes, fast food is the food that takes away. How long would your car run on water? The same is true for the machine that is the human body, fed only by nutrient-rich, live food.

A wide variety of plant-based foods – even if you are a carnivore – is a requirement for excellent health and high energy. Extra weight drops off when we eliminate processed foods that contain sugar (fake sugars, too), dairy, corn, and soy.

We can still eat the items we cannot do without for 5% of our diet and enjoy superb health. But when we predominantly consume a wide variety of plant-based foods, we remain youthful – or regain our youth – until we depart earth, limiting doctor visits and drugs along the way, at the same time out doing our grand kids!

Cutting out entirely or limiting pop consumption to one a week is one of the most important changes we can make to better our health and raise our energy level. Pop drains bones of vital minerals. No one can afford to waste precious minerals. Sea salt is an excellent source of trace minerals.

Gluten and sugar are main disrupters of our bodies and our brains, and destroy our vitality and energy. Premature aging and degeneration are the outcome.

So load up your plate with veggies and greens, and eat your heart healthy and your stomach full, while remaining slim and fit and well fed nutritionally. Live your days in joy, with mental clarity, and a strong body.