I see no other way to reclaim our land, our resources, and most importantly, our human rights. Everywhere on earth the same people are taking what is not theirs from the rightful inheritors – the People.

I’ve explored the options: replacing toxic energy with inexpensive or free renewable energy, replacing our governmental officials with people for hope and change, forcing the corporations to do the right thing by law, giving to charities that help the poor and abandoned and downtrodden, and every idea that passed my way I gave serious consideration.

Recently I asked myself ‘Why hasn’t our world morphed into the gentler world I, and many people, started toward over 20 years ago?’ Why is poverty an even bigger problem? Why are 4 million companion animals still euthanized each year in America alone? Why are we caught in perpetual war, and yet our planet is supposedly more unstable than ever before? Education is under assault, the environment is in tatters, wild animals are going extinct at alarming rates, and on, and on.

What was going on? I found out that a system of control was in place, and the people in control – and this is where it gets confusing and murky – had a network of control spanning most industries, including the large charities, the large corporations, and almost every civilized government on earth. Debt – both the people’s and the governments – was their main weapon, and economic warfare was their second weapon, and outright war was also their goal, since there is massive money to be made in wartime.

This is the primary reason for America’s 700-1000 military bases around the globe . . . it isn’t to keep We the People safe, it is to keep us inline. The People of many nations figured out this disastrous agenda, and are being used as villan’s in an attempt to throw a scape goat under the bankers-bus.

On Bill Moyers PBS news program, poet and environmentalist, Wendel Barry said, “We need leadership from the bottom up. I’ve tried every other way, and none of it worked.” After 50 years of being a farmer, and being an activist for his own land and the earth, he came to the conclusion that the 99 % are going to have to stand up, speak up, and buck up . . . there is no cavalry coming to save us, no government agency bailing us out, and no “higher-up” that is going to defend and protect us, not even the police or military will come to our defense when we are thrown in jail without trial or charge for an indefinite period of time.

Waiting for our Senators or House Representative – either democrat or republican – to represent We the People is like waiting for corporations to pay their taxes and pay fair wages (save a few like, Costco who do pay okay, and provide healthcare, etc.). It isn’t going to happen.

The corporations – and their real owners – have bought Congress, and their lobbyists have written new laws in their corporate bosses favor and interest, and their hired hands – our elected officials (laugh) – then pass it into law. The people are none the wiser, and kept distracted with the infighting amongst the idiots on the hill, and their cable tv cohorts providing the entertainment.

It is simple, really . . . but we will need to quit complaining about our bleak future, quit the drama club of cable tv and propaganda “news”, and get down to the hard work – I didn’t say easy, I said simple – of “righting” a world that has been wrapped up for the dirty buggers, born with an abundance of the greed gene.

I don’t have the answers, and I listen to people who believe they do at least in some capacity. Now, more than ever before, people are banding together and locking arms knowing that there is power in numbers, and safety, too. The organic food industry is joining together, and many in the energy industry, too.

One of my favorites is Foster Gamble, of the Proctor & Gamble fortune, who started Thrive, at Thrive.com. They deliver the ugly truth with an uplifting solution based approach. They report on the goodness and compassion moving like wildfire across our globe.

The control on innovative ideas is down right appalling . . . they do not even have an avenue to market, since BIG oil and BIG coal, and Big agra – Monsanto, and BIG business, and BIG government, have shackled regular people wanting to start a business.

Unless you have money. And the more money you have, the more rights you have, the more defenders you have, the more support you have, and the more free stuff you get.

America’s government subsidises the 1 % to the tune of trillions every year handed to Wall Street – receiving 80 billion every month through quantitive easing – and to the international bankers and corporations.

Then they have a problem with 80 million being given to poor, hungry children.

Not all wealthy are in on the game. Most wealthy people played by the rules – as convoluted as they are – and worked hard. It is the rich that buy our Congress people with their massive wealth that are gaming the system they purchased.

Mis-information planted inside the facts, works like magic because when sane people hear it, they will discount 100 % of the information, when only 20 % was mis-information – 80 % was fact! Aliens with lizard heads is too way out.

They get us with normalcy . . . who strives to be abnormal? People want to be alike, and that is used against us. Conformity is our doom, and the death of uniqueness. The term “conspiracy nut” is common, although most of what is out there has an element of truth along with a healthy dose of reality, but you hear those abnormal words and run for your life.

Churchill said something like, people will inevitably stumble over the truth now and again, but most of them when they realize what they stumbled over, will pick them selves up and scurry off forgetting about it entirely. I am paraphrasing, but we all do have an inkling of the truth, and now all we need is the courage to do the right thing.

We are each unique, and we each have talents and possess genius. If we understood that fact, and worked within the processes of creation – our imagination married with radical faith – our world would change in a flash.

Wendel Barry has it right . . . whatever change I desire, begins with me . . . at the bottom.

I invite you to please join me.