It seems that everyone has a cell phone on their person these days – including kids. How did we manage only a few years ago without a phone?

Can you leave your phone at home when you go out? Can you leave it in the car?

Even older couples – who lived without a cell phone for most of their lives – each have cell phones now.

How did we get to this point?

People answer their phone in the grocery line, in restaurants, and even in movie theaters while the movie is playing. We can’t stay off our phone while we drive. It is as though we are possessed and must answer it.

Does it have something to do with our need to feel important? Or are we excited to see who called us and to hear what they have to say?

Cell phones emit radiation, and when we keep it in our pocket or right near our body, we are blasted with deadly radiation. It comes primarily from the speakers. Speakers in general emit as much radiation as a refrigerator. That is a lot of radiation to be near on a 24/7 basis.

Keep any device with speakers at least 3 feet away from you – especially when you sleep! You can buy a 99 cent app for your phone that detects radiation. Speakers are by far the worst.

Cell phones are great communication tools and can make our lives easier if we are not owned by them. Do you rule your phone? Or does your phone rule you?

Many of us have replaced our home phone with a cell phone, and we pay 4 times as much for the pleasure. Companies count on us needing the latest model and prey on our nearly pathological use of our cell phones. They make oodles of money on those who believe they need the newest and fanciest phone.

Have we based our identity on our cell phone? We have 300 pictures of our pets and our kids on our phones which are also cameras. What fun to have a camera on us at all times . . . the most unusual pictures and videos are taken by bystanders that have never been captured on film. The internet is a buzz with millions of outstanding pictures and unbelievable videos that amaze and delight us.

Of course we love to be connected to those we love, and to our clients – our cell phone is a great tool in our personal life as well as our business life.

Our phones can be tracked, and our location can be detected by anyone with enough computer knowledge, as well as our governments. A few years ago, America’s and England’s governments wanted us to be implanted with a chip that would allow them to find us anywhere on earth. Is that what our cell phones are about?

Now you might say, “Well I have nothing to hide, so who cares?”, but what if someone didn’t like what you were saying – such as me writing this rant – and they thought they had the right to silence you? Or worse, jail you?

Many around our world are in prison for speaking up to their oppressive governments, and they have no 1st amendment rights to protect them. Even in the UK they are not protected by free speech. Why can’t we say what we want to? What is so wrong with words and with ideas? What are our governments doing that they don’t want spoken or shared?

My brother had a heart attack while driving, and he flew off a cliff and down into a heavily wooded area. We had no idea what had happened to him, and still might not, if not for his cell phone which gave his location. What a great help that was!

We plaster our entire lives on our cell phones and computers in every gory detail. What makes us filet ourselves open for the world to see? Is anything kept private anymore?

People have been fired from their job because of a post on their social media. Yet we keep posting our lunch, our nose, and our stomach contents online. Okay, not our stomach contents, but if their was an app for that, we would be inside of people’s stomach along with their food. You know it’s true.

It’s wonderful that we are all connected – like never before. We have a view into the lives of people half way around our globe. I am friends with people all over the planet, and get a peek into their world. What fun!

I have found that we are all alike . . . we all want to be healthy and happy. We want our children to do better than we did. We want to be free, and live in a country that doesn’t shackle us in every way. We all want to be fulfilled and live a life of purpose.

Wars are fought over our differences . . . the “them and us” type of thinking gets us into wars we do not want, do not need, and cannot afford, all because we did not understand that we are not so different.

In that way our cell phones that have become mini computers have been an equalizer and a connector of humanity.

When we manage our technology like we do our sugar consumption or other “great in small doses” things we love, our phones and computers can be marvelous tools. When we go overboard, like we Americans so often do, we can find ourselves in trouble or worse off.

Countless choices can be a burden if we get lost in them – the abundance of choice can lead us to a better life when we are paying attention to what is working in our lives and what is not. Then we must have the discipline to do what is in our beat interest. Like alcohol use verses abuse . . . one enhances, the other destroys.

I love my i-phone, even if they are made in other countries . . . we need jobs in America, so why don’t we demand that at least some of the phones we buy are made in our own country? People around the world need jobs, too, so it is wonderful that America supports many people around the globe by providing jobs.

We all want better health and abundant vitality, and managing our cell phone use and online life is required in that attainment.

Never before have humans been as connected as we are today – that is a wondrous way to live. The great equalization is in progress, and we are all figuring out that we are all alike, and must find a way to live on spaceship earth in a harmonious way.

But make sure that you do not get caught in the technology trap to be eaten alive by the very devices that were meant to help you better navigate your world.

More is not necessarily better, sometimes less is what we need. Be aware of what works in your life, and have the courage to drop what isn’t working like an old worn out shoe.