The angels saved my life when an SUV nearly slammed into the driver’s door of my car.

That day, my mom and I were meeting our friends for lunch. As we were leaving our condo I glanced at the clock, 11:11 showed on the screen, and I said, “Lets ask our angels to protect us today.” So we did.

4 is the angels number. I use 11:11 to remind me to ask my angels for help when I see it.

We drove up to a red light and stopped behind a car, intending to turn left on Palm Canyon Hwy – a 5 lane highway with a speed limit of 50. If you are doing 50 on PCH, you are the slow poke.

The rest of this story happened in one split second.

We slowly pulled out into the first of 5 lanes. I looked to my left and saw that 10 feet from my driver’s door an SUV was barreling at me at top speed. I looked into the terrified eyes of a woman in the driver’s seat, both hands locked in a death grip on the steering wheel: she was screaming and her mouth was wide open.

At that point we existed out of phase, not so much our physicality – that remained the same – but time was still, and so was all movement . . . no panic swamped us, we felt no emotion what so ever, no “Oh NO!” right before impact, no accident.

Then 3 still shots appeared before us in a freeze frame still reality.

This life, as I often call it, is the one possibility I have chosen as my current reality. Reality is fluid and illusory, and not at all what it seems. We have the final say about our own life. What we say and think becomes our belief.  What we believe is brought to us by our imagination and then experienced in our reality.

Doubt stops our magnificent imaginings from becoming our next reality – doubt, and not understanding the power we each possess to create our future moments anew.

In the next freeze frame her bumper was 10 feet away from my driver’s door – reality was on “pause”. Then in the next freeze frame her SUV was at a slant and now up by my left front bumper. In the third freeze frame her SUV was in front of my car by 1 foot – she was still paused in the same exact position looking forward as if she was about to plow into my driver’s door at 55 mph.

Mom and I watched in emotionless silence – no breaks were heard squealing, no sounds were heard of any kind . . . we were in a protected bubble that could not be punctured or dented by any earth-bound object.

At the point her SUV was directly in front of us, going to the right, and now fully in the second lane, reality began to tick in regular time. She drove straight ahead missing my car entirely, still going 55 mph attempting to stop on a dime. She pulled over to the side of the road about 100 feet to the right of us.

It was the weirdest feeling – as if it was no big deal – we had no reaction except, “Well, of course”, and then we both said, mostly to ourselves, “Thank you, Angels” and pulled into the second lane to cross PCH.

As I drove through the intersection, I looked to my left, the cars in the front position all had their mouth’s wide open and stunned disbelieving eyes.

By habit I glanced to my right as I drove up to turn left, and looked into the stunned and confused eyes of the people in the cars in the 3 lanes to my right. Whatever light turned green I don’t know, as I looked into my rear view mirror, no one moved.

A hundred feet up the road sat the car that had been in front of us at the intersection, they had pulled over on the side of the road. They had the same shocked faces as the others. Their heads turned back to see what had happened – their wide eyes followed us as we drove by.

We drove by them half wondering why the owner of such a beautiful car would pull his shiny new car into cactus and sand, still not fully understanding what had just happened. We were still out of flux, as if we were watching a movie. The drama that usually accompanies an experience like that was absent.

Neither Mom or I said, “We were almost killed!” or “We could have been seriously injured!”. We had no reaction other than, “Thank you, Angels”.

When I first looked back at the experience I was sucked back into no-time. I can still relive every detail as if it was burned into my mind. I am there right now – goose bumps on my arms – a magical gift from my angels. I love to be in that drama-less state of peace and quiet, harmony, and pure love.

I’ve learned since then that the angels are the keepers of physics on earth, and I believe my angels bent time and space phasing out reality, nudging it just enough to protect all involved.

Perhaps my soul self or the nonphysical me, in conjunction with our strong intention of protection, made a way where there was none? Or maybe it’s cosmic and my intention opened up a slit in the quantum fabric that allowed us to slip through unharmed?

Or I could be wrong on all accounts . . . the lunatic fringe ready for the funny farm: maybe so. But I have experienced countless freaky-deaky happenings throughout my life.

This experience is one of my favorites – bathed in pure light. We are all on earth to thrive and to learn, and we find our way through our experiences meant only for us.

No one will ever be you, and this you will never exist in any other life. This now will never come again to anyone, in any form: it is designed for you alone, and whether you choose greatness or decrepitude, it is yours to do with what you desire.

We are all evolving, and at times some of us seem to be devolving, but we are all on our way home, rest assured.

All path’s lead home. Some are long and winding: all up hill. Others are delightful and magical: filled with wonder.

I don’t know how it all comes about, but at age 50, my life is beginning to make sense to me. My life felt like tortured darkness for no apparent reason. I now experience life as joyful and see the magic in my precious now moment. The only moment I will ever experience.

I chose to seek the beauty within myself and within my moment even when it was hidden, until finally my old life fell though my own personal quantum slit in time.

Out of the ashes of the old, rose the new me: alive, embolden, fearless, and finally free. To be reborn I had to die. And a beautiful passing it was.

Thank you, Angels!

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