Elon Musk is my hero. He started out as a do-gooder with an okay product that cost a fortune, and ended up a savvy car manufacturer with a gorgeous product our world desperately needs for a reasonable price.

I’ve ordered my Tesla Roadster . . . in my mind anyway. I drive it all over town in my imagination.

Do you believe we should mess with the mega corporations multi-trillion dollar piggy bank? I do.

Do you believe coal is less dirty than oil? Electric is coal. Batteries need electricity to run. So coal is a sideways move at best. But we can tie our electrical grids – which are in need of a total redo – to solar, wind, and renewable energy sources.

With the electric engine there is hope.

Bio-fuels are another clean energy solution. The Sunshine Bus runs on left over oil from fast food restaurants deep fryers. It is simple to convert an engine to bio-fuel. Many have done it.

Diesel invented a bio-fuel engine. He died suddenly on a voyage right before his engine went public. When his engine came to market it ran on fossil fuel. Now, I am sure that our government and the mega corps have never done anything wrong for the sake of profit (laughter), but sometimes lives suddenly end and transformative innovations mysteriously disappear all helped by the higher-ups that don’t want their monopoly on a resource to end – you do not have to be a conspiracy nut to understand that.

I applaud Elon and give him 2 thumbs up for dropping his hoity attitude toward Detroit . . . Tesla Motors is what it is today because he was willing to swallow his pride – and he won!

The people of earth have also won, as Elon will not be discounted and discarded like the Electric car was in the 1990s, when  President Clinton handed Detroit car manufactures 1 billion of the tax payers dollars with no mandate, other than to create and manufacture an electric car.

Detroit did create and manufacture the electric car, and then they proceeded to confiscate and destroy all that were sold, along with thousands that remained on their lots. Not even Hollywood movie stars and their fancy attorney’s could stop Detroit from crushing the newly created cars flat – turning the Peoples 1 billion dollars into the most expensive scrap metal in history.

What happened to cause Detroit to quit making the electric car, and destroy all but 1 or 2 that currently sit in their museums? Enter BIG oil and BIG coal, and their herd of lobbyists . . . the very corporations that own our elected officials.

But Elon’s story will not end that way. His new technology along with countless courageous inventors and investors risking it all, will fast track industries long overdue, and our world will change as a result.

Recently 3 Tesla engines caught on fire. The media went crazy, and sounded the alarm. But what the media failed to mention – in their usual corporate salute mode – was that 250,000 gas-powered engines catch fire every year. Where is their coverage on all of those combustible engines? Exactly! Absent.

Luckily for we Americans, many innovations are being integrated into mainstream energy – we have been asking for alternatives for over 20 years.

The time has come for the gasoline engine to go the way of the cave man, along with its profit guzzling special interests. We Americans have had it with both. A new breed is in town capable of thinking outside of the profit margin.

We will have change. No hope about it!

What would a quiet world without noisy cars sound like? Ah . . . imagine that.

Thank you, Elon – I cannot wait to drive my gorgeous new Tesla!