The dreams I thought were mine during my teenage years were implanted. Society planted the dream of a husband and children, to own a business, to own a house, to aspire to a “secure” life.

I once believed in fairytales. I never examined my dreams, I just went along with them.  At age 42 I was hit with a thunder bolt – a lightning rod realization that my dreams weren’t mine.

When I examined where my dreams came from I found that they had been implanted early on, and reinforced at every turn as I grew up.

In my 30’s I began to examine why I couldn’t make my biggest dreams happen. Why was I always unhappy even when I achieved a dream come true, which I believed was my goal.

I finally understood my real dreams are in direct line with my purpose. I kicked my implanted dreams to the curb, rethought my goals, rekindled my desires, and positioned myself through hard work and developed intuition to enjoy every moment and let the details work themselves out.

My life became easier, simpler, and happiness finally dawned on me.

Previously when I accomplished a goal I was left with an empty feeling. I did not enjoy my journey along the way either.

Nothing would fill my void. I was a bottomless pit.

My new approach to life is to do what feels good, and feels on point, and never do anything that doesn’t. Have fun in all ways – always. Enjoy – and participate in – this now moment.

“The goal” is no longer the pinnacle of my moments, rather the moments that lead up to the goal are.  The goal is fun, too, but is not the main show or my reason for being.

Life used to be a drag at best, and down right depressing at worst. My implanted dreams did me no favors. My schools were less about helping me discover my dreams and more about implanting dreams of conformity, and a few peoples idea of morality deep in my mind where I wouldn’t question the source.

Talk about immoral! Schools should be about helping children and young adults discover their purpose, and understand that we all possess both talent and genius.

There are many forms of intelligence. Formal learning is only one.  Our world needs teachers and professors, but also needs remodelers and plumbers. We need house wives and single women, and CEOs and bankers. Our world needs us all.

Schools should be less about cramming indiscriminant useless information into a child’s head, and more about opening up access to their dreams and life lessons which then define their life’s purpose.

Our schools are heading in the wrong direction with eliminating recess, gym, sports, music and art. All of which breathe life into our dreams by revealing our passions.

We all need to be listened to and to be considered important. We all need one person who never gives up on us even when everyone else has.

We all need enough food in order for our brains to work properly. We need teachers who tell us that we matter. We need to hear, “You can do it!” more, and “sit down and be quiet dummy!” less, or never.

Children become what they regularly hear repeated, that is common knowledge. The child that hears, “You are smart and beautiful, and you matter to me and to the world.” will grow up happier and more secure than the child that hears, “Don’t break anything! Who do you think you are?”

Billions of dollars are spent every year on education to churn out millions of minions by age 18. New adults who are not taught to think for themselves or examine their lives.

We need humans with active thought processes, who are compelled to seek the truth, and speak up when directed.

We need genius’ in every category of life.

For the first time in history, regular people can become what we desire.  We are not owned by anyone, and we all want to live a good life.

We must do it for our own good. For the good of humankind, and for our world. We must do it for the children of earth, even when they are not your children.

Our world is changing . . . peace and working together are taking over. Individuals helping each other in a collective. Not forced, but a voluntary movement toward goodness and mercy where compassion leads the way.