My i-phone allows me to send myself love-notes. Many times a day a message chimes and shows on my screen, “U R amazing” – “B thankful” – “Dream BIG”.

By seeding my imagination with what I desire, I am inviting that desire into my reality. I plant in my subconscious the ideas I aspire to become, and then I watch a movie with me as the manifestation of my new self.

A movie is played in my mind – I am watching another me in another life. I can see it. I can feel it. I am the new me now.

I need reminders throughout the day to keep me focused on my desire. I must focus my attention predominantly on that new me and see myself in living color.

Thoughts of defeat need to be vanquished immediately. Words of failure must not be spoken. Why cement what and where I do not want to be?

What light’s your flame of desire? What are your fondest dreams? Do you want to travel, have a fulfilling career, a loving partner, to start a charity? Do it!

At least begin the process by opening your own door into your dream life – your imagination. Imagine you are already what and who you desire to be. Believe it. Know it like you know how to get to work. Do you believe you will get lost on your way to work? With that same conviction know that your dreams and desires are your reality now.

Love yourself, and send yourself reminders often. Honor your dreams which were given to you from your Creator, and send yourself love-notes many times a day. “U can do it!” – “U matter!” – “U R important” – “U R loved”.